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Some financial establishments are offering more flexibility with their CDs to encourage people to make these larger deposits. Many are requiring a minimum balance in accounts then allowing for extra funds to be deposited or withdrawn as typical savings or money market accounts.

Other firms are allowing clients to take advantage of changing interest rates, giving them the freedom to choose if and when they will raise the rate on their account to the current rate. Limits are established for these types of account changes, often limiting the opportunity to change interest rates only once or twice during the life of the certificate.

Offering flexibility provides more comfort for investors. This is especially important in the rough financial climate in the state. Minnesota’s lower rates, as compared to the national average, is proof of their economy lagging behind the rest of the nation. A recent think tank study evidenced a decline in employment growth, a larger student to teacher ratio in public schools, and poor road conditions as the deciding factors for slow economic recovery. The state of Minnesota is focused on creating jobs through infrastructure in order to remedy their present fiscal situation.
CDs are a wonderful way to earn interest on funds safely and with minimal stress. However, they must be considered carefully as they are a substantial commitment to the institute. As the economy in Minnesota continues to grow through the creation of infrastructure labor, CD rates are likely to be on the rise as well.